Pastor Lawrence W. Rodgers

Loving Mercy, Doing Justice, Walking Humbly with God

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Publications and Blog Posts
* Rodgers, Lawrence W., "Freedom from Harm, Abuse, and Exploitation: A Reflection on Proverbs 22:16" in Alice Ogden Bellis, Proverbs, Wisdom Commentary Series (Liturgical Press, 11/2018).
* Interviewed for a chapter featured in Dr. Stacy Patton’s book, Spare the Kids: Why Whupping Children Won't Save Black America, Beacon Press, 2017.
* #GetOut of Sunken Place Theology, – Rhetoric, Race, and Religion, 3/2017
* Interrupting Moonlight Sonata to Make Real Peace, Kinetics Live, 1/2017
* White Supremacy in American Christianity, Christian Century, 8/2016
* Poverty Is Not A Sin: Disarming the Capitalistic Attempt to Co-Opt Jesus, – Rhetoric, Race, and Religion, 8/2016
* Brice, Tanya (2016, June). Reconciliation Reconsidered. (ACU Press). Contributed chapter titled "The Church Must No Longer Remain Silent about Racism in America”
* “Change Wallets Not Hearts,” The Afro Newspaper, 11/2015

Conference and Panel Contributions

* Presenter, “Into All The Nations: Gospel In A Diverse World,” Salt and Light Conference, Christian Church Capital Area - Disciples of Christ, Washington D.C., 10/2019
* Key Presenter, “Whistling Vivaldi: Understanding Stereotype Threat,” African-American Leadership Summit, Memphis, TN, July 2019
* Workshop Leader, Cultural Sensitivity Training, Camp Wamava, Linden VA., 06/2019
* Key Presenter, Women in the Bible Conference (A Liberating Look at the Diversity of Women’s Gifts in the Bible), South Central Church of Christ, 12/2018.
* “The ‘World’ as Context: Paul’s Moral Reasoning in 1 Cor. 5:1-11:1,” Christian Scholars Conferences, 6/2018
  • Essayist:
    • James Walters, Boston University
    • Ross Cochran, Harding University, Convener
  • Respondents:
    • James Walters, Boston University, "The 'World' as Context: Paul's Moral Reasoning in 1 Cor. 5:1-11:1"
    • Catherine Meeks, Wesleyan College, Emeritus & Absalom Jones Center for Racial Healing, Atlanta
    • Dale Martin, Yale University
    • Lawrence W. Rodgers, Westside Church of Christ, Baltimore, MD & Howard University School of Divinity
* Panelist, “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Sunday Tribute and Action: An Ecumenical Gathering for Times Like These,” United Christian Parish, Reston, VA. 07/2018
* Presenter, “Nourishing the Minister’s Spiritual Health” Lectureship, Harding University, 9/2017
* Panelist, “Millennials and the Bible,” Capitol Hill Presbyterian, 9/2017. Served as co-panelist with Dr. Alice O. Bellis, Justin Fung, and Christian Brown
* Panelist, “Talking to Children About Race,” Baltimore Racial Justice Action, 9/2017.
* Presenter and co-panelist, “True Diversity in the Kingdom of God: What Would Jesus Have Us Do in Our Diverse World?” Summit, Abilene Christian University, 9/2016. Presented with co-panelist Billy Curl and Royce Money on ministry, theology, and social injustices